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About Seattle Times

About The Ticket

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The Ticket is an all-in-one ticketing platform and professional service, tailored for the greater Seattle area. The Ticket provides organizations with access to The SeattleTimes.com audience and digital agency services, offering built-in marketing support, and a professional team to help your event succeed.

Ticketing venues get:

+ Online ticket sales through a trusted source

+ A highly competitive credit card processing rate

+ The ability to collect donations, sell memberships, and process registrations online

+ Customer data, reports, and tracking

+ Purchasing and check-in capabilities for day-of

+ Value added in promotion through The Seattle Times and its brands

+ Local customer service

The Ticket is produced by Seattle Times Content Studio, a content and creative agency for local and regional brands. The Seattle Times Content Studio is a product of the Seattle Times, but is not affiliated with the Seattle Times newsroom.